Planning is Everything

We focus on engaging clients in strategic planning exercises to help clarify and solidify client needs, preferences, and goals prior to writing business, communication, and marketing plans and campaigns.

Online Sales and Marketing Plan Development 70%
Product Development Consultation 90%
Amazon and eBay 60%

Clean Design

Our creative staff comes up with revolutionary solutions for the best site design and development.

Custom Clean Code

We provide understandable code that is efficient, reasonably free of bugs and maintainable.
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Clients Testimonials

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Jordan Harris

“Joseph Black showed tremendous loyalty and technical knowledge in all aspects of his working capacity at Tarara Winery. Joseph was solely responsible for drafting, analyzing and implementing our current Loyalty and wine shipment club. This is drafted to become the number 2 income generator for Tarara Winery behind only retail room wine sales.  Joseph was also responsible for all day-to-day work for our website and on-line sales and acted as a liaison with our web-site company to help create all major changes within our online presence. In this capacity Joseph showed great technical and artistic abilities. There was absolutely no job that Joseph was not willing to tackle and in turn accomplish with hard work, persistence and passion.”

Jordan Harris

Former General Manager and Winemaker Tarara Winery
Alexander Raabe

Mr. Black was always very willing to work and had an exemplary sense of duty. He has always been a highly resilient and very persevering employee who always demonstrated very good judgement. Thanks to his quick mind, Mr. Black has acquired very good practical knowledge in a short time. We got to know and appreciate Mr. Black as a very conscientious and reliable employee. Mr. Black’s achievements have received our fullest appreciation at all times and in every respect.

His behavior towards superiors and employees was always exemplary. Mr. Black has very good contact skills, is willing to cooperate and can therefore work very well in a team.

We wish Mr. Black every success in his further professional life and all the best on a personal level.”

Alexander Raabe

Former Managing Director, Mindvent GmbH
Alexander Prag

“Mr. Joseph Black not only has an unchallenged work ethic and drive for excellence, but also the required insight and knowledge we were looking for, to help us grow our E-Commerce branch. „SERVICE TEAM Döbeln GmbH“ is a German craft business, mainly focused on electrical engineering. As such we’ve been using products from the Dutch company „Victron Energy“ for more than a decade and became an official distribution partner in 2006. To increase our reach and sales potential, it was necessary for us to use the opportunities available with modern E-Commerce. Joseph Black helped us in setting up an Amazon.de store and guided us through the whole process as well as enhancing our Social Media presence. His fresh ideas and willingness to consistently find ways to improve the overall process were a tremendous help and we are looking forward to keep on growing, thanks to his continued consultancy.”

Alexander Prag


Our Leadership

Together we will build the ultimate marketing plan that will revolutionize your business! That's my goal!

Joe Black
Chief Executive Officer

Joe Black

Joe Black Marketing Solutions was founded on July 15, 2004 in Washington, D.C., United States. We are currently based in Germany near Dresden. Joseph Black, Founder and President of Joe Black Marketing Solutions has over 15 years of experience in online marketing. For more information, visit Joe’s LinkedIn page below.