Joe Black Entertainment focuses on engaging clients in strategic planning exercises to help clarify and solidify client needs, preferences, and goals prior to writing business, communication, and marketing plans and campaigns. 

Our goal is to develop and coordinate online, print, and other marketing and promotional initiatives including utilizing a more marketable online social media presence, press kits, email marketing, other digital and mobile technologies, Business-to-Business partnerships and more often on a limited budget.

Our client focus includes advising and assisting musicians and small entertainment businesses with marketing and promotions, product development, financial management, business setup, and other facets needed for growth and sustainability through the following services:

1. Online and offline Sales and Marketing Plan Development

Joe Black Entertainment (J.B.E.) will help your music reach global ears through the internet as many offline outlets. We will also provide you with the assistance and planning you will need to start making revenue online. J.B.E. will put together the ultimate marketing plan to which we truly can redefine you! We will assist you with the development of your product and/or services that will not only make you think different on how you win customers but how you market your product and/or services. We will also provide you with the assistance with the development and marketing of such social media outlets such as YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram.

2. Press Kit Development

Let us enhance your "First Impression" with those that will help your career go to the next level including record labels, managers, venues and many others. Our services include:

• A fresh new artist or entertainment company biography 

• Press Development for newspapers, radio, magazines

• Cover Letter Assistance

• Press Kit Packaging


3. Web Design and Development 

We have over five years of experience in graphic and web design. Let us redefine your web presence with an entire new website which also includes hosting and registration as well a content management system which allows you to update your own content. 


4. Product Development Consultation

Joe Black Entertainment will sit down with you and provide you with the consultation to develop a strategy that will take your product and/or services to the next level which will help you reach your entertainment career goals.  


5. Apple Product Support

Joe Black Entertainment has 3 years of experience working with Apple products on a full-time basis. We will sit down with you and provide you with the support you need on your Apple product models (year 2011 and up). This includes such items as setting up your email account, showing you how to use iMessage and Facetime as well as questions with OSX and iOS operating systems. This service will give you the guidance you need to use your Apple products to manage your entertainment company to its fullest potential.


6. Amazon U.S. and Europe Support  

Joe Black Entertainments offers our customers the support they need to launch successfully in the United States and in Europe. We start by building a strategy that is specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic and time-based. Once we have the strategy in place, we will implement it and support it to ensure our customers have a successful launch and account management. 




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