Alexander Raabe

Mr. Joe Black born September 30, 1979, has been our U.S. Sales and Managing Director His tasks essentially included:

  • Management of our online stores in the U.S.A. and our warehouse in Owings Mill, Maryland
  • Organization and management of sales events in the U.S.
  • Customer service and advice by phone and email
  • Approval, control and completion of orders and payments of the Mail order business
  • Securing stocks for and Amazon U.S.A.
  • Customer acquisition through numerous events in the Division

Mr. Black was always very willing to work and had an exemplary sense of duty. He has always been a highly resilient and very persevering employee who always demonstrated very good judgement. Thanks to his quick mind, Mr. Black has acquired very good practical knowledge in a short time. We got to know and appreciate Mr. Black as a very conscientious and reliable employee. Mr. Black’s achievements have received our fullest appreciation at all times and in every respect. His behavior towards superiors and employees was always exemplary. Mr. Black has very good contact skills, is willing to cooperate and can therefore work very well in a team. We wish Mr. Black every success in his further professional life and all the best on a personal level.”